Magical Clothing

Alex, a 20 year old male, was at the mall with a group of friends. Thet were Rodrigo, Tim, and Valerie respectively.Alex secretly had a crush on Valerie, but he didn’t have the guts to tell her his feelings about her. Rodrigo and Tim looked at other stores while Alex went with Valerie to check out some dresses. He didn’t mind doing boring activities if he could spend time with Valerie.

Valerie: “Wow! The deals on the dresses are great toady! Alex, wait here for me. Tell me if the dress looks good on me!”

Alex waited at the dress section of the store. He whispered to himself that he wanted to be together with Valerie. He then touched a gray dress and it shocked him.

His body shrunk down from 6’1″ to 5’5″. His bones cracked and popped as he gained a more feminine body. His body lost his male body hair from his stomach, back, face, legs, and elsewhere. His body had no sign of masculinity left aside from his Adams apple and his member. His legs and arms slimmed down, becoming more slender and smooth. His waist crunched inwards matching his new widened hips. He had a hourglass figure now. Fat was directed from his stomach to his butt, making it bigger and rounder. His new asset would be outlined in anything he wore. He felt his new legs and butt with his manicured dainty hands. They felt soft to the touch. His stomach was left toned and flat due to the sudden change.

Alex’s upper body started to change as well. His Adams apple disappeared, making his voice rise a few octaves. His face restructured itself into an image of Asian beauty. He had beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair. His hair tied itself into a top knot fashion. Some makeup appeared on her face to accentuate her natural beauty. Alex felt the transformation was nearing its end.

Alex’s member receded into his body, leaving a vagina in its place. She moaned softly in her new girly voice. Her nipples became erect as two mounds of flesh emerged from under them. They grew and grew, until they rivaled the size of Valerie’s. She now had 32D breasts. She had orgasmed due to the pleasure she felt.

Alex now Ally grabbed the gray dress and brought it using his transformed credit card. Wearing the dress, Ally waited for Valerie.

Valerie saw Ally outside and immediately knew it was Alex.

Valerie: “Alex! You look so sexy in that dress!”

Ally: “You look great as well!”

Valerie kissed Ally on the lips and told Ally that she always had feelings for her.

The two then spent time in the dressing room, feeling each other and kissing. They later went to a club to go pick up some guys


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