Magic Workout Water

Ted drank the workout water from the strange hobo outside the workout center, thinking nothing of it and being generous donating some money to him in return. The water was good. Later as Ted was working out, his body changed, and his chest exploded with boobs. He looked down in shock, and his buddy was shocked too.

He tried to cover up and zip that top back up, and find the old man, but he was gone! His buddy smiled.

Brent, his buddy said, “So Ted, since we can’t find that guy, would you consider being my girlfriend?”

Ted looked up at him, as he was much taller now, and was about to slap him, but as he looked at his buddy, he did look hot to him, “I should be slapping you right now, but for some reason you look like a hunky stud… did I just say that?”

Somehow that homeless man knew Ted had trouble getting women, and he had a good friend that was a guy, but he would never be in an intimate relationship with his hard times with women. So the man made him a woman, so he could have a relationship with his buddy! The man knew what loneliness was, and thought this change was a small price for togetherness!

The new Ted would agree, now going by Teresa, she’s happier than ever, and loves when her buddy Brent titty fucks her!


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