Magic Shower Part 3

When the light dissipated I was still facing the glass of the shower but the room seemed even bigger and my wife’s hand felt larger too. Then my pushed something much larger that her finger in my new sex my eyes flew open and I looked in the mirror and saw a man fucking a petite beautiful woman , and I knew I was that woman on the verge of orgasm, I also knew my wife was the man that was fucking me hard. He drove me over the edge and I had my first orgasm. He said ” GOODDDD GIRLLL NOWWWW OHHHH YEAHHHH” with that I felt his cock jerk in me. With a smirk on his face he said ” I love you and I need you like this because weak men with strong wives in my business circles are the butt of jokes and peers make fun of them but submissive beautiful wives that belong to strong dominate men are spoke of with respect”. He then kissed me on the fore head and handed me a towel and said “now get dried off and come to bed” and I obeyed like the trophy wife I am now.


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