Lumbered With.

17 year old Scott was not excited when his parents announce they were going to exchange island for their summer vacation.

He had heard about the exclusive resort and he did not want to run the risk of ending up in a child or even worse a woman’s body for his holiday.

He was not happy after the 15 hour flight to be swapped into the body of a 19 year old girl especially one that seem to have food poisoning as he was feeling all bloated and had these terrible cramps in his stomach.

He open his hotel room door and looked at his mother do you really think I want to be seen like this as he stood there in his temporary female body in a red pair of panties and nothing else after ripping all his clothes off to get a better look at what he had been lumbered with.

His mother just shouted at him and said cover yourself up young man have you got no respect for that woman’s body.

For replies Scott just said look mother if this woman did not want people messing around with her body she would not go to exchange island now go away and leave me alone I don’t feel too good it feels like somebody is scraping my insides out with a spoon.

As his mother stood there slightly embarrassed & thought to herself should she tell him what was going on with that woman’s body or should she let him find out for himself?


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