Loyal daughter

Jack roughly used the policewoman’s hands to jack off this buddies, in the past few hours his body had been abused and used in as many perverted ways as the gang could think of. Jack kept on glancing in the camera, this was his big blow out party so he wanted to be able to watch it over and over again.

This party was for all the good work Jack had been doing for the gang. After months of possessing officer Johnson he’d finally completed his mission to find out the police rat in the 5th street gang. Jack had even gone one step further and managed to kill off some of Johnson’s work colleagues, after tonight it wouldn’t matter if Johnson was found out. After doing all this dangerous work the gang thought he’d want power or money, what they didn’t expect was that Jack would loving being in a woman’s body so much only request was to possess the snitch, which turned out to be the bosses daughter.

As the last of the gang pumped their cum out on to Johnson’s body, Jack floated out of her body and into the body of the tied up bosses daughter. The mob boss quickly untied his daughter after seeing her body spasm and hugged her “It’s good to finally know I have a loyal daughter” he said lovingly. Jack could only smile as he watched Johnson’s cum filled unconscious body be carried out of the room.


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