Long Walk Home

After a long night drinking with fellow students, I found myself arguing outside the pub with one of the quiet girls after she caught me checking out a passing chick.

The funny thing is, normally I’d actually agree with her, but drink does funny things to a man. Finally she told me I had no idea what it was like to be a girl and I wouldn’t last a single night as one.

“Of course I would!” I slurred. “Being a girl is easy, just have sex and con men into dong what you want! “Okay then” she said, smiling, “prove it.”

The next thing I knew everything was morphing and moving. At first I thought I was even more drunk than I thought until I realised the world around me was fine and I was the one morphing. My trainers became thigh high boots, my jeans became extremely see-through leggings, and my boxers became a tiny black thong.

Everything went fuzzy and when I could see properly again I was a gorgeous brunette, on the far side of town from home. A text arrived from the girl I’d been with: ‘Walk home and if any guy propositions you, have sex with him. If you do this I’ll give your old body back. Good luck, you said yourself this should be easy.’

What could I do? I began to walk. I made it around ten minutes with a lot of stares but nothing more. I decided to cut through a park where there’d be nobody about late at night. As I crossed through, I became aware of two men drinking on a bench.

“You’re a pretty little thing” one said to me. Well, I thought, that’s not a true proposition for sex! “Thank you” I mumbled, hurrying on. “Hey, bring that cute face over here” the other piped up. The first man laughed: “And suck our cocks while you’re at it, slut.”

I froze. I knew I had no choice. They were laughing and jeering as I knelt down. They passed my mouth back and forward, taking their time while I cursed myself for saying such stupid things. Both took photos of me blowing them, and before I knew a friend had joined hem. I felt my leggings and thong pulled down to my ankles and carried on, helpless, as he began fucking me from behind while I sucked cock.

Eventually the first two men came in my mouth, both making sure I swallowed. To my horror I couldn’t hold back and soon I was cumming too. That tipped the last man over the edge and he came hard inside me.

As I finally walked up the steps to my apartment I got another text:

‘I lied. The real way to reverse the spell is to just not cum for 24 hours. If you do, at least avoid making any men cum or getting their semen near you as that will make you very easily aroused as a woman. I’m sure you’ll find all that easy just like you said. Then again my mates say they had a great time at the park tonight. Maybe I’ll give them your address and number… Or would you like those photos they took getting out?’


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