Long Day

First I got up late, then I got stuck in traffic and was late for work. When I arrived I got chewed out by my supervisor right in front of allnmy coworkers. Then when a report needed to be printed the printer quick working. I was again chewed out but by a coworker, as if this was my fault? When I left for the day it was pouring rain outside, I dropped my keys, had to fumble around to pick them up and was soaking wet the whole way home.Today just had not been my day but when I got home I knew exactly how to rid myself of that. You see I have Klinefelter syndrome. That gives me an extra X, female, chromosome. It also gives me the unusual ability to shape shift into a female. I had problems when I was younger but I learned to control the changes at will. I didn’t dare tell doctors because they would want to ‘fix’ me.I stripped naked and began to change. I became shorter and slimmer along every part of my body. The hair on my body shriveled away and my skin became soft and smooth to the touch. As the hair on my head grew long I put it up in a ponytail.I watched as my cute face came into focus in the mirror. I was giving myself a beautiful round butt and I choose my slowly growing breasts until they became so big I could barely cup them in my hands anymore.I turned on some music, moving my hips side to side while I played with and jiggled my breasts. I smiled because I knew I could let loose and have fun. Even if tomorrow was bad too I could come home and do this again. I did every night.


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