Arousing Each Other

Its been a week since the F.O.S.E caused Vanessa (45) to switch bodies with her Friend’s 18 year-old son, Greg. She knew it was kinda wrong because it was her friend’s son but she couldn’t help herself fantasizing about him. one minute she was fingering herself about to climax, next, she was in some teenage boy’s room. Since the body swap Vanessa had a lot of explaining to do. Not just to her friend and the son but also to her 18 year-old daughter, who she was now the same age as. That week also gave her the opportunity to explore her new body. Despite feeling bad of now being in Greg’s body she was still kinda curious now that she had a dick. She couldn’t believe the raging hormones she now possessed. Her week just consisted of constant erections and loads of masturbating. She had to admit having a dick was kinda fun.Vanessa was laying on her bed. Since its been a week she thought it would be a good idea to text Greg,”Hey whatcha up to?” A couple of minutes later Vanessa got a picture of her own sexy, mature body in the bathroom, smirking, tits on display. “Taking naked selfies and playing with your stash of dildos”, Greg texted back. A familiar sensation formed in Vanessa’s pants as she experienced another boner. “I can’t believe my own body is turning me on so much”, thought Vanessa. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the pic, her beautiful brunette hair and face, the lovely curves and leopard print panties and most of all them delicious, perky tits, and Greg was in control of it all. She immediately pulled off her pants and started stroking her young, throbbing cock. “At least were both having fun in our new bodies haha”, Vanessa said between breaths. Looking back and forth between her sexy face and drooling tits she was about to erupt when she got another text message off Greg. “Please tell me ur using your hot cock to beat off to a pic of me. It makes me so wet knowing my horny body now inhabits the mind of a sex-crazed, mature woman. I’ve got one hand squeezing my tit while the other is exploring my juicy cunt btw”. That was enough to push Vanessa over the edge as she grunted, blasting globs of hot, sticky spunk all over her bed. “Fuck, being a guy is so cool”, unknown to her, her daughter was at the door. “Mom that is so gross and fucked up, GOD!” Vanessa’s daughter said as she stormed off. Vanessa didn’t bother to cover herself up and just laughed. Greg texted again, “I love being in your sexy, mature body Vanessa. So glad you fingered yourself to me you filthy pervert. Just kidding haha. If you’re interested, which I know you are, can we try sex next time? Can’t stop thinking of my old hot cock ploughing this hungry cunt of mine. ;)” Vanessa grinned as she felt another boner forming.


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