Lofty Ambition

Jane had always been a plain girl with lofty ambitions. Currently, she wanted to be the girlfriend, if not the future bride, of the school’s quarterback, Michael Brady. He was strong, masculine, handsome, and very smart. Over time, however, Jane not only wanted Michael, she wanted to be Michael. She would often fantasize about herself being Michael and abusing her body. She felt like this too was a lofty ambition, until she found two unique spells while browsing online. The first was a soul absorption and possession spell, while the second was a living doll spell. Jane read thoroughly into both spells. The soul absorption and possession spell allowed the castor to absorb the soul of the victim, gaining their memories, mannerisms, and knowledge while maintaining the castor’s original knowledge. The living doll made it so that the castor had control of another person’s body until the castor wished to end it.
Having both of these in her possession, Jane struggled to make a decision: to quit her life as a girl or not. She thought very hard on this and came to the decision of possessing Michael and making her old body the doll, not wanting to lose contact with her family. Jane waited till after the football game on Saturday and made her way over to Michael’s house. She hid in the bushes to avoid detection and waited till he was alone. When she saw the last car leave, she started saying the possession spell. Immediately, she found herself in Michael’s body in his living room. She remembered everything that Michael did that day, as well as his desire for sex with any girl to celebrate. She went to wear her original body laid outside, soulless and waiting. After the living doll spell was cast, Jane directed her new body inside. Now, she was experiencing a blowjob as she guided her body through it all. She was loving every minute of it, knowing that she achieved one of her ambitions.


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