Ok, so maybe I asked my girlfriend for sex too often. Ok, and maybe when we did screw I was a lot more interested in treating her as a sex object than as a woman. Ok, and maybe that was all a dumb idea when I knew she was a witch the whole time. But this seems extreme for a punishment.

Sure, turning me into a girl to teach me a lesson about treating women right. Ok, makes sense. Sure, making me have to tell my whole story to any guy who flirts with me to teach other people a lesson about treating women right. Ok, makes sense, sure.

But making it so that I then have to do anything those guys tell me to and enjoy it? What the hell point is that trying to prove? And cause I have to tell all these men who flirt with me that this is the case, everytime I go outside I end up either on my knees or on my back taking a cock in my mouth or pussy. And then I moan like a whore and tell them all how much I love being a woman. Isn’t that just going to encourage guys to treat women badly?

After this guy squirts in my mouth I’m gonna go complain to my girlfriend about this. Maybe she’ll turn me back, or at least make it so I don’t spend five hours a day sucking cock.


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