Ken’s Brand New Game

Ken was an incredible gamer. No game could beat him…well, according to himself anyway. In truth, Ken was good at video games, but far from unbeatable. He’d always account any loss to “his controller” or “he was distracted” or “the other player was just cheating!”. In fact, Ken even cheated often himself, convinced that with his superior skill he would have won anyway. The fat, bespectacled slob had no respect for women or other people. His best friend Daniel was tired of Ken’s behavior, and when his friend Sarah offered to help, he accepted. Daniel never knew Sarah was a witch…but Ken was about to learn firsthand.

Sarah arrived, and gave Ken a brand new game. She said it was “unbeatable” and that anyone who tried to cheat would soon find themselves playing a “very different game”. Ken happily took it, convinced Sarah couldn’t beat it because she was just a woman. It was an old N64 game, a top down shooter, with an incredible amount of enemies and bullets. Every time he played it he ended up dying in seconds. Ken, unable to admit defeat, resorted to using his old gameshark, hoping to cheat his way to victory…that would show Sarah who was boss! As soon as he activated the cheating machine, the cartridge began to glow…

Ken’s whole body began to tingle, like he was experiencing a small shock. His shoulders slowly caved in, while his hips only widened. The fat in his arms seemingly disappears, leaving slender and beautiful arms. His previously large stomach softens and fades away, becoming thin with a more womanly figure. His neck loses all of it’s fat, becoming thin, as his face become soft and delicate, a true beauty. His large glasses change, becoming more feminine, as his hair grows out, now reaching past his shoulders and styled beautifully. Large, full breasts grow on his chest, as if his former fat had a new resting place. His legs become long and dainty, and finally his manhood recedes, becoming a feminine slit. Ken’s arousal grew and grew, until he needed someone, anyone to fuck him. He quickly took off his old clothes, sitting there naked as the day he…well, she was born.

Daniel was told when he entered his room again, his problems with Ken would be over. As he opened the door, a gorgeous woman was waiting for him, calling him over. Memories entered his mind, reminding him of his beautiful girlfriend Kelly. Kelly loved all kinds of games, and always played fair. But right now, she needed to play her favorite game with Daniel…riding his cock. Sarah grinned…Kelly would be great at this game, and now Daniel has never been happier.


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