Just like she always wanted

Peter had been fat and bald and unhappy his whole life, so when that witch at Spencer’s sold him the little pink pills guaranteed to change his life forever, he figured it was worth the risk. But now, as he prepared for bed, there was only one pill left and he was a little skeptical. Still, he swallowed the last of the seven pills. As it entered his mouth it became fluid and sweet and warm. As it flowed down his throat, he became sleepy as his adam’s apple disappeared and his shape began to shift. Soon he was fast asleep.

During the night, Peter’s white boxers became pink bikini briefs that tucked tightly around Petra’s new vagina. His chubby belly disappeared, his waist lengthened and narrowed. A round and sexy ass replaced his flabby old one. His hairy chest and legs became smooth and clear. Beautiful breasts formed on her chest and the once bald head now was crowned by a beautiful head of dirty blonde hair in a really cute style. Her face lengthened, her teeth were whitened and her nose became long and narrow and lovely. The bushy eyebrows were gone replaced by beautiful feminine ones. Even the apartment changed. What once was dingy and dark was now bright. Beautiful floor-length shutters surrounded the floor-length windows.

When morning came, the transformation was complete. As Petra stretched under her sheets, she rose from her bed and headed to her new powder room. As she stood up, she caught a glance of herself in the mirror. She giggled as she ran her hands over her beautiful new and happy self! Peter was gone forever and Petra felt just like she always wanted.


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