My favorite birthday gift

It had been a long day and Jack was excited to finally have some time to himself. The party at work, the special dinner with friends, it had all been great, but now, he just wanted to be alone. That envelope that came in the morning mail had been on his mind all day. Happy Birthday it said on the outside and it was addressed from your secret self. He kept thinking it after his girlfriend Becky dropped my off at the door. “See you tomorrow beautiful,” said as she kissed him good night. Finally, home alone he rushed to his room and picked up the strange envelope. It had a pair of green stockings inside with a note…”To the beautiful you from your secret self! Put me on.” Ever since he was a little boy, he had always loved putting on pretty stockings, trying on his sister’s panties and bras and wondering what it would be like to have long hair and perky tits. This seemed like a special gift indeed. He took off his clothes and took a quick shower. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he put on one stocking and then the other. He stood up and as he did, he felt a bit of a rush. “What is that feeling rolling down my back,” he wondered. He rushed over to the full-length mirror on the closet door. “Ohmigod!” His voice was not the deep baritone he was used to hearing, but rather, lush and sultry. He saw a beautiful redhead (“I always fantasized I was a ginger!”) staring back at her. She ran her fingers up and down her smooth, white legs. A small smile came to her luscious lips as she felt a warm rush all over her new body. The phone rang. “Hello?” she said in a beautiful new voice. “Its me, came back a kind of familiar voice. Its the old you. When you go to work tomorrow, everyone will know you as you are now, the beautiful Brenda. And your old girlfriend, the one who just kissed you goodnight, will now be your handsome and horny boyfriend Buck. He will look a lot like the old you only slimmer and a lot sexier. Happy Birthday…Brenda, your wishes have finally come true.” Before she could say a work, the line clicked over to a dial tone. “What was that?” Brenda said to herself as she returned the phone to the cradle. She looked over at herself in the mirror, I love these new stockings. I hope that Buck enjoys taking them off as I do putting them on.


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