The girl’s dorm

Phil was nervous about moving into the dorm. He was an only child and was used to having things his way. But, now, he was assigned to the girl’s dorm. How was that going to work? Reluctantly, he signed the papers, said farewell to his folks and started to move in. “Hello, I’m Pat.” came a voice. Apparently Pat was to be Phil’s new roommate.

“Hello, I’m Phil. Nice to meet you.” It was then that Richard the RA came by.

“Pat and Phil, is that right? That is what it says on my clipboard anyway.”



“Everything seems to be in order, except for one little thing. This is the girl’s dorm, ” said Richard.
“Here take these.” He handed each of the guys a pill in a little cup, like they have in hospitals and a glass of water.

“What is this?” asked Phil.

“You’ll see,” came the reply.

Pat took his pill and swallowed the water and went to the other side of the room. Phil was a bit more reluctant, but, after a momentary hesitation, said “Down the hatch.” As soon as he swallowed, he felt warm all over. He also seemed shorter and suddenly realized that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Richard stood and watched as the two took off all their clothes. “This is my favorite part,” he thought to himself. Both Pat and Phil began to shrink, becoming thinner and rounder. They grew tits and their hair grew out longer.

Richard loved it when their penises pulled inside and formed the lady parts. “Just a few moments now.”

And almost that quickly, the change was complete. Richard sat on the edge of Phil’s bed…and took off his pants. He loved this part. Just as quickly the new Phyllis was on her knees in front of him staring up at his eyes and reaching for Richard’s throbbing member.

“I’m going out,” said Patti from behind. She began to put on new underwear that had been laid out on her bed.

Phyllis just looked up at Richard, took his beautiful cock into her hands and began to lick the head of his penis.

“Welcome to the girl’s dorm,” is all that Richard could say. He was really going to like this new student.


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