Just a Game

Tonight I was finally going to learn their secrets.

By disguising myself as a woman, my plans tonight were to sneak into the Women’s Guildhouse and figure out once and for all why all the women there were so successful.

“Oh hello! We’ve been expecting you.” A cute young blonde woman answered the door for me. You had to register for the guild, and you had to be, well, a woman. A temporary spell by my mage friend was enough to make things look convincing enough.

“Come here to the back, our induction ceremony is about to begin.” Another woman by the name of Larissa beckoned me inside and to the back. I entered the chamber, and was met by several women standing in a circle. That’s weird, I thought. Was this… a cult?

“Welcome, sister Heather. Please, come to the center of the circle.” An older woman pointed to what appeared to be an intricate drawing of a patterned circle on the ground. Uh, shit.

“You know, maybe I should leave…” I turned, but the doors were already shut behind me.

“Nonsense, my dear. Just a fun little game we like to have before we induct a new member. I insist, stay.”

Out of options, I walked to the circle nervously. Just a game, I thought. Just a stupid game.

“Now, let us begin. What’s your name, dear?”

“Um, I thought you knew, it’s Heather Graham.” I lied. My real name is obviously Mark Raph.

“No, no, your /real/ name.” She leaned in, as did the other girls, expectantly.

This is weird, I thought. But I answered the question again, with more confidence this time. “Beverly Jones.” The least I could do was tell them the real truth.

“Welcome, sister Beverly.” The girls in the room said this in unison. They approached me, closer than ever. Each girl holding a candle and looking at me.

“She should have wider hips.”
“She should be taller.”
“She should have more kissable lips.”
“She should have a great ass.”
“She should also be kind of a bad ass, tattoos and raven hair.”
“She should love handsome men more than anything in the world.”
“She should have a sexy and womanly libido.”

It was an assault. Every time a girl would say something, I felt my body change, my mind swayed one way or another.

Maybe it was a good thing, though. I did feel better at the end of it all, and I was starting to get turned on.

“Now, how do you feel, sister Beverly?” The older woman said to me.

“Like a whole new woman.” I ran my fingers through my hair, sat on the edge of the bed in the room and posed, exposing my assets to the crowd of the other gawking girls to show off. “Now, does anyone here fancy going out and looking for some dashing young gentlemen?” I winked. They laughed. Tonight was going to be a great night. It was time to celebrate a whole new me.


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