Brent, Brenda’s cousin said he was jealous of Brenda and all the things she had because of her sugar daddy boyfriend Dick Hung, a very successful male porn star. She said she wanted something different in life, new challenges. Brent jokingly said he would swap with her in a heartbeat of possible. She got an evil grin. She did a body swap spell that would swap her with who she thought of once hot cum touched her body.

As her hunky boyfriend’s hot sperm hit her face after he pulled out of her orgasmic pussy, the body swap occurred. Imagine Brent’s shock when he came too with huge boobs and a wet pussy, feeling, smelling, and even tasting hot cum on his face from Brenda’s boyfriend Dick Hung! It was a large load too, Dick Hung was a real stud, that’s why he got the porn star job to begin with, so this was no surprise! The only surprise was Brent suddenly becoming Brenda, a woman, during a hot sex session with her boyfriend!

When Dick Hung asked Brenda to clean him off, Brent in his cousin Brenda’s sexy body, was off to wash HER face of that hot cum, and scoffed at him about the very notion of doing this. Dick was surprised saying she usually liked cleaning him off, then sucking on his huge manly balls! When Brent looked in the mirror after washing his face, and seen the reflection of his cousin, he knew, she must have something to do with the swap, after he told her he would swap with her if he could. What a big mouth he had, he thought, but it was too late. The spell she used that was activated by cum, was also made permanent by cum, and Brent would have to get used to being on the receiving end from then on during sex!


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