Internal questions

“Holy shit you are good at that.” Ben cooed as I sucked his cock, “Christ, were you gay or something before that spell turned you into a chick?”

I didn’t respond, keeping my mouth firmly affixed to his hard cock.

But inside I wondered. Sure, Ben didn’t know that I hadn’t “accidentally” turned myself into a girl with that old spell book. It had been quite deliberate. I’d fantasized for so long about being a girl. When I found those spellbooks I couldn’t not do it. Then of course Ben came home and I pretended to be shocked and upset about being a girl, not sure if he would understand.

Then he hinted at sex and in a frenzy I ripped his pants off and started sucking his cock.

Now I wondered, had I been gay? I mean, this was literally my greatest fantasy. Turned into a girl, sucking my friend’s cock. I could’ve gotten fucked in the pussy, but no, I went straight to the BJ. And man was I enjoying it. There wasn’t a part of it I didn’t like. The smell, the taste, the feel of his hard cock in my mouth, on my tongue, glancing up at him with a submissive little glare while he groans…

Sure, I could’ve done all this when I’d been male, but I’d never really wanted to. I’d just fantasized about it, and only with me being a chick. I guess that made me not gay. Eh, who really cares? Now I was a chick though and I couldn’t imagine doing much else…


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