Instructions Unclear

Brian was absolutely certain he hadn’t made enough. How expensive was this going to be? And if it even worked, how long would it last? It had taken him weeks to track down just enough ingredients for a not even full pitcher of the body morphing potion. The recipe had fallen out the back of an old book he had been flicking through at that strange store in the mall. He had looked around and then slipped it into his pocket, curious at the possibilities.

The recipe had been very specific about some things (a Devil’s Cigar Mushroom, picked at the height of a new moon?) but oddly vague about others — namely, serving size. So Brian stood naked in his shower, the full pitcher in hand, ready to pour it over himself as instructed. He had spent the requisite time imagining his new form while stirring, seven times clockwise, seven counterclockwise, and repeated. He had chosen traits from all his favorite models, eager to see what it felt like to be a beautiful woman for a night.

He took a deep breath. First he would drip a little on his skin, just to test. For all he knew it might burn right through him. He looked to the shower handle, mentally preparing for the worst in case he had to rinse the concoction off. Another deep breath. OK.

As he felt the first splash touch his chest, the air left his lungs. He closed his eyes… No pain. He breathed in. He felt great! Time to change! He opened his eyes, interested to see if the small dose had had any effect. ‘Holy FUCK,’ he gasped.

The body that greeted him was ever inch what he had imagined. His full breasts stood out, perky on his small frame, his brown nipples crowning them. His toned stomach and slender waist led down to a firm ass and hairless pussy. His legs were the biggest shock: slim but toned, skin as smooth and tan as the rest of him, and long. Impossibly long. Runway model long.

Brian carefully placed the pitcher on the floor, with a new reverence for its power. He noticed how easy it was for him to bend at the waist like that and brought his forehead to his knee with no discomfort. He grinned. That pitcher was going to last a lot longer than he thought.


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