Yariman, part 6

March 10, 2016
A naked man was standing in front of Tom. His mind raced. Again. What happened? The last thing he remembered was a random person telling him to… to… His brain hurt. What was it? To fuck someone. But why… Tom’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden motion between her breasts. It felt weird. Then Tom got it. The man was tit-fucking him. Tom panicked. How should he react? Could he just enjoy the ride? No. He couldn’t enjoy this feeling. The man’s cock between his breasts. So loose. Then he took his hands placed them on his boobs. Being afraid, Tom went with it and grabbed her breasts. The man apparently realized Tom’s discomfort and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Shhh”, he started. “It’ll be over soon.” Tom’s mind began racing. Was this man raping him and killing him after that? Should he do something? Why would he get in this situation otherwise? “Now, I’m nearly done with you. I just want you to do some sexy things with your jugs and my cum”, he said and came.


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