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A Good Dream

You’re lying there in your soft warm bed.
under the blankets. sleepy.
you’re eyes are closed it’s morning but you can feel the dream calling you back to sleep. Read more

Alright Slut

Alright slut. listen here. you’re mine now. my toy to do with whatever I want. don’t you dare scroll past this caption. you belong to me. body mind and spirit. all mine. clear? Read more

Come With Me

Come with me.
I know that you want to. Your mouth is gaping, you shake your head in disbelief, you ask aloud how I could ever willingly subject myself to this. But you haven’t fooled me. I can see the way your eyes trace my outline. They linger on every curve. The swaying of my hips mesmerizes you like a hypnotist’s pendant. I see your desire – your curiosity. It can all be yours. Just come with me.
It doesn’t hurt – not really. Just a prickling sensation like an itch. But when the changes begin, so does the pleasure. You’ll see. It’s like scratching that itch – so immensely satisfying. The feeling of your body shrinking is like releasing a heavy burden. Fresh locks of hair streaming from your scalp is like pouring water over your head on a hot day. And your voice changing, it’s like a cup of hot tea, soothing and revitalizing. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
I can see you thinking, desire and fear both battling in your mind. It’s not the hair or the voice that really make your heart race. You’re wondering about breasts. Are they heavy? How fast do they grow? How big will mine get? Your blush must mean that I’m right, but don’t be embarrassed. I asked all the same questions. When they start to grow, it’s like eating a hearty meal that fills you and invigorates you. They get more sensitive right away, so that each touch is like a match being ignited, lighting a furnace in your belly. And they grow to just the right size. It’s different for everyone, but when they stop, it’s like finding the perfect dress or pair of shoes – they just fit. Though I suppose you’ve never gone dress shopping before. But soon, very soon you’ll be able to come with me.
You’re getting horny, aren’t you? That will feel very different soon. It may seem unthinkable to go without an organ that’s been attached to you all your life, but once it’s gone you’ll wonder how you ever put up with it all those years. Don’t worry; it doesn’t just drop off – nothing so crude. It simply gets smaller, more compact. And while you’re changing, it actually feels like penetration – like your cock is encased in tight, hot flesh, squeezing it just firmly enough to coax sweet, sultry moans from your new soft lips. And as your penis concentrates into the small focused point of your clitoris, the pleasure increases exponentially. You don’t even notice the balls withdrawing into your body. You don’t notice anything until the slit of your vagina opens up. It’s like taking the first deep breath of morning after a deep night’s sleep or like the clouds parting on a rainy day so that warm shafts of sunlight can wrap themselves around you. It’s perfect. Then you feel the wetness, the hunger, the purpose.
Sounds good, doesn’t it? I can tell your desire has the upper hand now. Just give in! Come with me and become the person you were meant to be! I’ll teach you about all the sensations your new body is capable of. There’s the little thrill of having your plump red lips nibbled, the wild exhilaration of having your smooth round ass spanked, and the sweet agony of kisses, licks, and caresses on the inside of your smooth, shapely thigh. My hands will trace the outline of your new curves, hold you tight, and open you up. My tongue will teach yours a new language of pleasure as it dances across your nipples and drinks in the flood of your arousal. It’s like being reborn, becoming complete. Our voices will raise a primal chorus to the heavens as you come with me…come with me…
All you have to do is come with me…

I´m gonna break you

Had Gary known that this would have happened he would never have followed that slightly crazy girl back home to her place, but his will had been weak and his cock had been hard. Horny guys will do almost anything if they are promised sex.
He should have had second thoughts when she started to tie him up.
Something was definately wrong when she started to attach various pads with wires connected to them all over his body.
“Kylie, what are you doing?”, Gary asked with a hint of worry in his voice.
She walked up to him in the same alluring way she had encountered him at the bar. “Shush baby. All will be well”, and put a finger to his lips to quiet him. Then she turned around so she could continue work with the device all the wires was connected to. After a couple of minutes she was done tinkering.
She turned around and gave Gary a wink and a sly smile; “Ready? Here it comes!”, she said with glee and pressed down a lever.
Gary´s body began to jerk around when the energies began to dance inside of his body. The restraints made sure that he wouldn´t fall off from the table or hurt himself in any other way. Or escape for that matter.
At times it was the most blissful feeling in the world only to abruptly change to the worst searing pain in his life. How he percieved the sensations changed over time as his body changed.
Gary could in the few lucid moments he had see that his body was transforming into something else, something smaller. The next lucid moment he saw that his view was obscured by a pair of breasts. He blacked out again as a wave of bliss swept over him and took him away. Read more