If you love me you’ll do it.

“Come on baby; show some more skin.” Sophie said as she ripped Hank’s shirt open revealing what were once her but were now his huge breasts.
“if you want to do well for that job interview you need to look good.”
Hank looked up at her in shock and anger “by looking like a whore; I don’t understand why you can’t just do the interview yourself.” Hank nearly yelled as he tried to cover his breasts with his hands.
“you know why; I’m too shy in interviews whereas you’re great, besides we’ll swap back when we get home; if you love me; you’ll do anything to get that job for me.” Sophie said as she soflty pulled Hank’s hands away.
Hank sighed and silently nodded in agreement; he walked into the interview room, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad; little did Hank know that his interviewer would want more than his new breasts.
He also didn’t know that having sex in his new body would trap him there forever.


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