I should have never learned to cook

I needed a room mate so I could make it and stay a full time student so I put up signs all over. I went into a small creepy book store and asked the guy behind the counter if I could put up the sign he said ” No because I think I will take the room” . He shoved 3000.00 in my hand and said ” 6 months in advance ok” and I said ok deal. I helped him move in and the next morning I fixed a huge breakfast we seemed to be destined to be great friends I really enjoyed talking to him and we liked almost the same things. We finished up and I loaded the dishwasher while we talked. He asked “you never asked why I work at a magic book store”. I said I did not notice what kind of book store it was but I guess people might believe in magic enough to buy a book and I laughed. He answered “I believe enough to own the shop” I recovered and said oh wow that is your store great!. He smiled and nodded and asked what my major is and I told him education. He smiled very big and said ” that is perfect you are easy to be with, the best cook I know, like kids I think I will marry you”. I laughed then a flash and I was screaming in pleasure.


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