The Merger

My business was in trouble. The latest financial down turn could not have come at a worst time. Just as it was looking bleakest, I received a merger offer from a rival company. With their distribution and our product, the merger seemed to be a marriage made in heaven. All that remained was to work out the details. A merger agreement is a lot like a pre nup in that both parties try to protect what they each bring into the marriage. Our attorneys worked for weeks until the only sticking point was who would be the dominate partner in the new company. I finally decided the matter of dominance would be best worked out in a face to face meeting between the bosses. I entered James’,my counterparts, office and sat down before his desk. He never spoke. He just sat and looked at me. Soon, I began to fidget under his stare and as if in a trance, I began to remove my business suit. This is when I noticed the pair of stockings and garter belt laying on the desk. As I put them on, my legs became long and shapely. As I attached the garter belt, my waist shrank and my hips flared. My manhood disappeared to be replaced by a neatly trimmed vagina. There was now a hair brush laying on the desk. I picked it up and with each stroke, my hair became longer and more lustrous, At the same time, my body and facial hair disappeared. There was now an assortment of cosmetics on the desk which I began to apply as if I had been doing so for years. As they went on, I could feel my facial features change. Jewelry was now on the desk. As I put on the long ear rings and the necklace, I felt my shoulders narrow and large breasts appear on my chest. James now moved for the first time. He walked around the desk, picked up a diamond ring, and slid it on the ring finger of my left hand, Then unbuckling his trousers, he let them fall and just stood there. I looked a him a moment, then I took his manhood in my now feminine hand. I slid forward, guided him into my new pussy and began to fuck myself on his huge cock. When we were both spent, I stood and dressed myself in the elegant dress that had appeared on the desk. As I turned to leave James spoke for the first time, “I’ll see you at home.” I just smiled and said “Try not to be to late, Dear”. As I left my husband’s office, I thought to myself how lucky I was that this issue of who would be the dominate partner could be settled so easily.


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