Ho Ho Ho

Terrence grabbed a Christmas present for his wife, a Christmas dress gift that said, “Ho Ho Ho” across the back. He thought it was funny, but didn’t know it was magical. The longer he touched it, the longer the magic had to work it’s effects. Suddenly he dropped the holiday dress he was wrapping, as there was a flash of light.

Soon, he regained consciousness, and he… well he was a she. She was squatting down sucking her buddy Jed, while taking it in her new vagina from her buddy Lee. The dress turned Terrence into a “ho ho ho”, named Terra.

Terrence knew his body was changed, and knew this was all wrong, but his new “ho” desires, and sensations, made him continue with the body and life he now possessed, that of a skank ho.

As Jed came in his mouth, and Lee came in his vagina, Terrence had an extreme female orgasm, spraying all over Lee’s cock and shuddering throughout his new bod.

Once he relaxed, Terrence, now Terra said, “Woah, that was intense, I can’t believe I sound like this, I can’t believe I look like this, I’m a woman, and I’m a ho, ho, ho.”

The two buddies agreed and high fived each other, as Terra was now more than just their friend, she was their new piece of ass. Meanwhile Terre hefted her new boobs in the mirror, her new thick lips open in shock and awe of her new very female body.


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