Headswap Remote 2

Robert (19) was scratching his head in confusion. One minute he was pressing a button on that weird remote those two boys in their summer dresses left behind and in the next he found himself on the other end of the park and felt the nipples on his small breasts poking through the material of his striped bikini. The bottom of the bikini began riding up his ass while he started walking towards his previous position. The emptiness he felt between his legs as he moved with a natural swing due to his wide hips gave him goosebumps on his soft skin. One of his hands move across the curves of his lean body while the other noticed that his head was still the same.

Robert would soon have to discover that the girl with his body below her head and the magical remote in her possession has left without a trace.

Mark and Joe on the other hand would be thrilled to learn that the remote was not out of power, but could only be used once per person. Sadly, for the foreseeable future, they are stuck with slightly maturer female bodies below their heads, since they carelessly got rid of the remote.


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