Happy Birthday for whom?

It was Stan’s birthday and he bought himself a gift. Down at the little Adult Magic Store in the old part of town he got a potion which would make his girlfriend into a cock craving slut. Only temporarily of course. It was his birthday and he wanted a blow job god damn it.

He slipped it into her wine at dinner and couldn’t help but keep smirking and giggling, which she confronted him about. She knew he was up to something. She recognized new desires growing in her and she was smart enough to put two and two together. When they got home from dinner she struggled to resist her urges and confronted him.

That was when Stan realized the mistake of his plan. Sure he could go to a magic store and buy some magic items, but his girlfriend was a witch.

A quick wave of her hands and Stan blinked and was suddenly looking at himself. She’d switched their bodies. Worse, the effects of the potion were still raging in Stan’s new body and he kept staring at his body’s crotch. He really wanted to taste his old dick!

His body was really the thing that had the birthday today, right? Shouldn’t he grant it’s birthday wish?


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