Gym Bunnies

Going to the gym is tough when you’ve got no motivation like me. The only thing that brought me there a few times a week was the sight of Sarah, a brunette beauty who always wore tight yoga pants that showed off her beautiful rear end.

One day as I was on the squat rack, right next to her, she asked me to spot her, being the first thing she ever said to me. I agreed, and couldn’t take my eyes off her ass as she plumped it out toward me with each rep. And to my embarrassment, I looked at her in the mirror, and she was smiling, watching me watch her. “You like what you see?” she asked, making me blush, and push down on the chub that was growing in my shorts. “I’m sorry,” I shrugged. “Don’t be. I like feeling something press up against my butt. Let’s work out together more.”

And so my attendance at the gym became much better with my new workout buddy. She had me doing squats, and a lot of core workouts, helping me lose my gut, yet my butt seemed to keep getting bigger as my arms shrunk. She then encouraged me to take her special protein shake that made my hair grow very fast, as well as cause breasts to grow on my chest. It was strange, but I was never in better shape.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that she began buying me yoga pants and sports bras that I finally realized what she was doing to me, but I didn’t mind. Rather, I was happier than ever. She urged me to use the girl’s locker room from now on, and we’d get dressed together as she’d carress my growing tits and ass, making my dick hard as a rock. We snuck into the showers and fucked like the little bunnies we were.

As we walked back to the locker room, an employee entered and asked to take a photo to put on the gym’s website to show its two finest girls. Sarah got in front of me and pressed her butt into my waist, and I pulled her in tight. She smiled, and so did I remembering how far I’d come since the first time she felt me poking her yoga pants.


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