(GTH 2)-New Game Rules

I still can not believe it.
A moment ago, I was still a guy who wanted to rob a different player namend Shadow in the VR world of GTA. And now I’m just a woman who has to obey the other player so he does not do anything worse that could affect the real world.

Shadow: “Do not even think you logout.
If you do, you will be rematerialized with this female body in my house because you are now linked to my HDVR console.”
Me: “Sha … I meant, of course, masters. Can we not somehow agree on something so I can quickly get my body back.”
Shadow: “Okay if you play a few co-op missions with me, I’ll turn you back immediately.”
Me: “Okay, we have a deal.”

Shadow looks at me and I suddenly feel my whole body eltric.
My body started to change and after a few seconds I was back in my body and had a sheriff’s uniform.
We started playing together the co-op missions, where we dressed up as a sherif to eliminate witnesses.

During the missions there were always places where I was better than Shadow.
I made fun of him.

We were now on a mission to kill the witness in his house.
I quickly cleared the guards around the house and then leaned against the wall of the house.

Me: “Do you want to do the rest in the house, otherwise’ve just me having fun.”
Shadow: “You’re annoying me and I know how I’ll get my fun.
I will do it for you this time also different so you have “fun”. “

I felt like I started to get smaller.
My hips became wider and more feminine.
My face changed, that I could feel and my hair became longer.
Through the transformations my penis was aroused. Until he began to hurt and disappeared. A vagina was formed where he was. I had briefly flossed because my organs changed into the organs of a woman.
My uniform became a sheriff stripper outfit.
My breasts grew bigger and bigger. As big as I could barely breathe.

Shadow came to me and opened a few buttons so I could breathe again.

He said, “Now I have fun and you better take care that it does not change.
Otherwise you will make me happy in the real world, after I have changed your mind. “

Shocked about being a woman again, I decided to take better care of what I am doing to keep this condition temporary.


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