Gone too far

My sons Sean and Eric were natural born pranksters. I swear they were pulling tricks since before they could walk and finding out they were magically gifted only increased their pranking arsenal that much more. I never worried about it because they never did anything harmful to anyone. That is until they met the Peterson boys. Those four were from another magically gifted family and became fast rivals to my sons. It was all good-natured at first, but over the years the pranks would get more and more extreme. You’d think it wouldn’t be fair, four vs. two, but over the years by boys would always be one step ahead of their enemies.
I had to say I was quite shocked to walk into my kitchen to see two teenage girls looking over a newspaper, but a quick “good morning” and introduction from them confirmed that they were my sons. Those Peterson boys had gone too far this time, but my sons seemed to already be planning their next move. I chuckled to myself seeing how unfazed they were by being transformed into girls, but nevertheless I’d have to have a word with Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and put an end to this. They were so focused looking over that newspaper and whispering back and forth to each other, I couldn’t help but laugh again as I left the kitchen. Wait did Eric just say he couldn’t wait to have all his holes filled?


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