Going to the Movies Will Never Be the Same

Melvin and Jessica went to an adult porn theater, as they were into kinky porn as a couple. There were rumors about the theater doing strange things to people, but the two believed they were just that, rumors.

The movie got to the part showing several well hung muscular men, to appeal to the ladies, and Jessica was getting wet and horny. Then they both blacked out. Suddenly the knew they felt different, and turned to each other seeing themselves from their partner’s bodies. They were both stunned and shocked.

What jolted Jessica even more than now having a penis, was seeing her former body reach into her pants and rub her former pussy, moaning while looking at those men on the screen! She tried to cover Melvin’s eyes in her body to try and stop him from getting horny with her body’s urges for men. Melvin grabbed his former arm, with his now much smaller hand, trying to push away his former hand so he could see these men that were strangely turning him on now in his new female body!

Melvin wasn’t strong enough now to push away his girlfriend’s now mail hand, so Melvin, being ultra super horny, did the next best thing. Melvin reached for his former zipper, and unzipped Jessica’s new cock, pulling it out right there in the theater, and started to suck it!

Jessica wanted to swat him away, but got erect and aroused very quickly, and shocked at the new sensations she was experiencing as a man, allowed him to continue. Melvin had three orgasms right there in the theater, the third being when Jessica exploded in his mouth.

Melvin was not even bother about having tits and a pussy, he was just so horny as a female now! Jessica was also loving the powerful male orgasm, though did miss her multiple ones that Melvin was now enjoying. They eventually got up to leave the theater and ask what happened.

As they left, the manager told them that this particular theater had magical properties put on it by the former owner. It would sometimes do very kinky things to people. What he also told them was that any changes in the theater were permanent, as many before them had changes that they never could undo not even by visiting the same theater multiple times. In fact last week a woman came in the theater with tiny A cups, and left with J cups. She now has to order her bras online, but still has the boobs.

When Jessica and Melvin explained to the manager what happened to them, he said he had heard of the couple swap, but none had happened in years. He told them to best get used to it, there was no way back. Jessica was stunned and a little upset, but Melvin just smiled, grabbed his chest and looked to Jessica with a smile.

“Jessica, don’t worry we’ll get used to it. Now just take me home and sex me up big boy MELVIN! You can call me Jessica now baby, I’m going to rock your world with my hot new female body. I want you to thrust through my pantyhose with your huge cock, stud,” said Melvin, now Jessica.

Jessica was stunned that Melvin was taking to her body so well, but realized she used to love that body too, and she did have a very high sex drive in that body, so she was starting to understand. Also, her new male urges were letting her get more and more into having sex with a woman, particularly Melvin in her former sexy body.


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