Go fuck myself

I should have think a little more before breaking up with my now ex-girlfriend. Especialy now that i know sha was a witch. I wasn’t really happy in our relationship, so i thought it coul be better to end it. But she wasn’t really agree with the idea. And then it goes messy, and i ended saying she wasn’t into sex enough for me. That was the last drop for her. She began to leave and yell at me: “Go fuck yourself!”
There was a bright light and, after a quick look at me, i was all female. My pants fall off at my feet. My dick was still in place but began to detach, like it was a simple dildo, leaving just a hairless pussy. I could have yell, panicked or do anything a man in my situation would naturally do but no. Insead i look at my dick on the ground and kneeled, pushing it in my virgin pussy. I couldn’t think about anything else but litteraly fucking myself with my own cock.


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