Whatre FriendFor

I’m not sure what happened. Well, I know what happened, I just don’t know why. I was at the depot waiting for the morning train to work when it happened. The crowd seemed to draw back from me and there stood an old lady. She pointed and screamed at me “You! You’ll pay for what you did!”, then she waved her hand and everything went black. When I came to, I was setting on a park bench, dazed and confused. I felt strange. Small in places. Large in others, my business suit seemed to drape over me. I wandered a bit, trying to clear my head until I saw my reflection in a store window. I was a woman! Then it came back to me. That old lady at the train depot. Had I some how done something to her? Was it mistaken identity or was she just crazy? Whatever the case , she had cast a spell or curse or something on me. I looked at my reflection again. I was beautiful. Tall, slender, blond hair all wrapped in a man’s baggy suit. But what to do now? I had little cash on me. I had my credit cards, but my ID was no good in this body. I couldn’t go home. There was no way security would let me in my apartment. Who would believe I was Joe Banks, 32 year old investment banker. Then it came to me, Peter! Peter Parker, my best friend. We had roomed together in college. We had partied and chased women together. If anyone would believe me, it would be Peter. To say Peter was dubious is an understatement. Wouldn’t you be if a crazy woman showed up on your door step, looking like an upscale bag lady, and says she was your best friend magically turned into a blond beauty?After much talking, begging and almost sobbing, Peter began to come around. After relating facts, only he and I would know, Peter was convinced. Seeing I was a wreck, he let me stay in his guest room for the night. The next morning, Peter offered to help me sort this mess out. He took me shopping for more appropriate clothes. He took me to dinner to keep my mind off my problems. I have always liked Peter and enjoyed his company, now I began to realize he was also a gentleman. He was funny and protective and I began to see him in a new light. We had just returned to his place from dinner when he handed me an envelope containing new ID and access to my bank accounts. I don’t know how he did it, but I was so happy I kissed him. Shocked, we stared at one another, then he kissed me. We went to bed together for the first time then. Peter was an amazing lover. Considerate, patient and passionate. He took me to places I never dreamed existed. By morning I was in love. The shower woke me. Peter came out dressed for work. He kissed me and said he needed to go to the office today. I just smiled and said I would be waiting. After he left, I looked around. Peter had been so nice to me, the least I could do would be to keep the house clean.

Meanwhile across town, Peter entered a small diner and sat down at a table occupied by an old lady. He reached in his coat pocket and handed her a thick envelope. She took it from him and said, “I take it everything is working out with Joe?”. Peter grinned and said, “Perfectly. He never had a chance. Madam Olga, you do beautiful work”.


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