Glen was feeling blue, as he told the old lady whom he seen had spilled her groceries after some guy bumped into her. She said she would help since he helped her.

“How’s this blue for you,” she asked.

Glen felt strange and good, and looking down seen he had a curvy female body, nice breasts and all. He was wearing a blue body con dress that was showing his new curvaceous body well.

“I can’t believe this, even my voice is female, the only blue I’m feeling now, is the wonderful dress. Thank you,” said Glen realizing she granted his deepest desire.

“No problem, anything to help, Glenda, now you can get on with your new life,” said the lady.

Glenda found not only her body was morphed, but so was reality, as she found her house was different, clothes, car, everything. Apparently now she was Glenda to everyone else also and was in a reality like Glen never existed! She found out she was a high paid secretary at a local insurance company, which was much better than her old job of cleaning up a grocery store. Glenda was no longer blue, except if she wore fashion that was.


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