Gender flip

OHHHH!! oooooh!! MMMM!!!

My god it’s gone, it’s actually gone. I……I… I don’t have a dick anymore… I have a pussy, a proper real pussy. UNBELIEVABLE!

Moments ago I took a pill which promised to flip my gender switch, change my chromosomes to a female XX and turn me from man to woman.

Within seconds of taking the pill, I could feel the changes start.

First of all, I lost all my body hair and the hair on my head grew out. I used to always have very short shaven hair but now it reached long down my back, making little tickles on my spine.

Next my skin became softer and silkier, so much more sensitive too. I could feel everything around me so much more, the breeze wafting through the room, the cool feel of the tiled floor on my feet.

After this I could feel a literal tingle in my bones. I was frozen on the spot unable to move as the sounds of cracking and creaking reverberated around the room. The room around me seemed to grow around me as I realised that I was shrinking! I lost inches in height as my frame became more petite and feminine in stature. My waist shrank down and my hips grew out.

Once this was done I was able to move again when I then felt an itchiness on my chest. My god I was going to get my tits! I watched in fascination as my chest began to get looser in definition, I could feel it get heavier with every breath. Two mounds expanded out as my nipples grew hard. Mmmm they felt delicious as they jiggled and moved.

The growing stopped as abruptly as it started. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped that they might grow a little more but boobs are boobs! I had actual real breasts now, no need to stuff my bras anymore!

Then this moment, the big one. Between my legs my cock jutted out with an erection bigger and harder than ever before. Looked so strange on me with my newly feminised body but I need not worry, that soon changed.

I felt pain, an absurd amount of pain in my balls as I felt them shrink and pop back into my body. My cock which had stood out proudly began to shrink away, inch by inch it disappeared into me. All of a sudden I felt a fresh pain as my penis inverted and began to drive itself into me – my vagina was growing!

And then it was done. I was complete. I now stood with real breasts and a real pussy, finally a female, finally I’ve joined the sisterhood of woman


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