Gaining Respect

Dylan had everyone’s respect at the school. He was never bothered, never harmed, and never given bad marks either. My two roommates and I wondered how someone can be on good terms with so many people and maybe even envied him a little. That was until he showed up to our dorm room.

We let him in, not seeing any harm, but we soon found out that he was a wizard of sorts and that he was a very twisted mind. He turned my two roommates into a blonde woman and a brunette woman, and then myself into a black haired woman. He told us that he was going to pull out his dick and feed it to us one at a time, over and over, and that whoever he came into would turn back, while the other two would become part of the women’s dorm and be forced to live their new lives.

Sitting on the floor, backs against the bed, I watched as he fed his dick to the blonde, then the brunette, and then he came for me. This process repeated until he came into the blonde, and she turned back into a he, leaving us two for womanhood. We thought it was over, but then Dylan muttered some words and soon enough, we were all over our former roommate until he was done with us for the night and we headed to our new dorms.


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