Fun At Home

When the bimbo virus hit me and my daughter where among the first to be infected in our town. I loved it, I was young again and even though I spent my time getting fucked by men, I didn’t care.

Jenny, my daughter on the other hand, has started to shy away from men lately. She’s been hanging out with another group of bimbos that seem more interested in each other than men.

The male population was on the decline, and bimbos where already starting to leave to other towns. Maybe this was the right way to go.

After finishing off my latest conquest (some poor hitchhiker that was passing through town), I snuck into my daughter’s room and licked the juices off the pussy of one of her companions.

It tasted so good I needed more, I kept licking the girl in her sleep finally causing her to cum all over my face, which I licked up eagerly. I snuck off before anyone noticed me.

I’ve been fucking myself with this dildo all day, I can’t think of men anymore, that must’ve done the trick. Jenny and the others are out getting more conquests.

As another orgasm sends waves through my body, I look up to see Jenny looking at me. I saw in her eyes that she knew what I had done, and she smiles, embracing me.

Soon the house is filled with the moans of a lesbian orgy as myself and the other new converts are welcomed into the group.


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