Fulfilling a Fantasy

It wasn’t that she was particularly attracted to Jamal. Until recently she had been a man named Logan. Logan wanted to change, and had a very specific idea what he wished to become. Unfortunately magic potions are hard to come by, and the only one in his price range was actually a curse. It was meant to warp all reality turning the victim into the sexual fantasy of the first man she encounters. Logan called Jamal over to fix his stove, then took the potion just before he arrived. He figured it was his best shot to become what he wanted to be, a sultry black girl.

Jamals fantasy was also fairly specific. He imagined be called repeatedly to the house of some rich white lady. It was also important that the lady be married. The thought that her husband could come home at any minute added greatly to the thrill. The lady would start out high and mighty stuck up bitch, then do a 180 once sure they were alone together.

Lucky for Lola, the stuck up bitch part made her embrace this identity.


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