From Fred Foosy to Freda Floozy

Fred called the older woman with the younger man at the park a floozy. She was angry, and muttered some words. Suddenly Fred felt different, with long blonde hair and twin weights on his chest, wearing a short skirt, tan pantyhose, and five inch stilettos!

“Welcome to your new life Freda Floozy. This will teach you for calling me a floozy! Now you are the floozy, FREDA! You’re a hooker now, so I hope you enjoy prancing around in your new heels to find clients. If you don’t your pimp, Steve Shlong will beat you senseless, blondie,” said the women Fred insulted.

Fred now Freda leaned against the fence, nearly stumbling in her new heels, as she realized what had just happened to her!


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