Sharing a life

I was never the most outgoing guy. I had a crush since high school, I loved Emily, she was a blonde and the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. I am now a 25 year old, I just started working at a law firm in NY.

One day I was crossing the street when I saw her pass by in her sports car, I couldn’t believe it, Emily! living here!. I was so focused on looking at her, that wasn’t paying attention to the traffic. A bus hit me, in an instant i was dead. I felt myself leaving my body. I saw a bright light; however, I could still see Emily in her car, she had gotten out of ther car, she had seen the whole accident. I felt attracted to her, instead of going to the light I decided to see her one last time up close. I got too close, It was like her body was calling me, somehow I got inside her body. I could see through her eyes, I could hear what she was hearing, I could even hear her thoughts, she did remember me, and was sad of seeing an old classmate die. I tried to move her body, but I wasn’t in control, I was just a part of her spirit now, I was just along for the ride. I felt sad, because she was sad. After a while, Emily got into her car, and drove home. I could feel the wind on our face, it felt wonderful.

When we got to her place, Emily got naked and walked into her room, her husband was waiting there. She said “Today I saw an old classmate die, I feel really sad, and realized life is too short, I want to celebrate life”. I knew what was coming, I felt Emily’s body, our body get excited and wet. I wanted Emily all my life, now I got to be her. In time I got used to sharing her body, sometimes I don’t even remember being a man, and I feel like I’ve always been her.


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