Friends with benefits.

Ever since becoming a woman in the great shift James found it hard to control his new sexual appetite.

He tried the bar scene and did not like it.

He did not like the way men looked at him.

He could not stand the way men tried to chat him up knowing they were only interested in getting in his knickers.

He tried many methods of satisfying his sexual appetite himself and at first it worked but even that overtime became boring and monotonous.

He knew his body was crying out for the real thing but he did not like the dating scene so he turned to his flat mate and best friend Matthew for help support and advice.

Which ended up with both of them in bed together screwing like maniacs enjoying exploring each other’s young firm flesh.

James could not believe how wonderful he felt after his first night of proper sex as a woman.

He had nothing to compare it with so he did not know if it was good or bad sex he just knew it hit the spot.

So they both decided to become sex buddies as they did not want to mess up there relationship too much and were just happy to be friends with benefits.


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