Find Out for Yourself

Brent told Henry, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

It was a very cliché thing to say, but Brent thought it was great advice. Henry heeded that advice.

“I’ve heard people in the cabin saying Jenna the flight attendant was kicking her shoes off on break and making a smell. I wonderful if such a hot flight attendant like her could have such nasty feet? One way to find out,” said Henry.

Henry used his wishing coin to swap bodies with her. Meanwhile, Brent kept Henry’s body heavily drugged so that the flight attendant wouldn’t freak out in his body. Henry woke in Jenna’s body, and was amazed how it felt to have boobs.

He looked at his long shapely pantyhose clad legs, rubbing them a bit, admiring their smoothness. He took his shoes off, and took a sniff, he just had to know for himself. Henry had a foot fetish of course, and this was turning him Jenna’s sexy body.

The odor was in the shoe Henry was sniffing, but it was a sexy odor to Henry. He told Brent from his new female body that they were in fact a bit smelly, but he liked it. He then reached for the pocket of his old body’s pants, something he wasn’t wearing now as a flight attendant with a flowing skirt on. He tried to use the coin again, but it didn’t work and vanished!

Henry’s heart pounded as he realized he was stuck as Jenna now, and what would Jenna do once she woke in his body? Meanwhile a person in first class demanded a free vodka shot, and the new Jenna was told break was over, time to work!


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