Newest girl

“So this is your place?” Dan asked his new neighbor Mike. “Pretty cool setup you got here.”

“Thanks man.” Mike replied as he showed him around. “Can’t wait to meet all the chicks in this apartment block. In fact, I’m feeling kind of horny right now.”

“What?” Dan felt weird about Mike’s openness.

“I think, I’ll start with you.” Mike said pushing Dan to the ground.

“What the fuck dude……” Dan trailed off as he saw Mike pull out his massive penis. He tried to look away but couldn’t. Dan was simply captivated at how big and erect it was.
Mike smiled, looking down at Dan as his magic penis converted another as it has done many times before. Dan’s skin already softer, hair longer. He ripped his shirt off to expose his growing breasts and the rest of his rapidly feminizing body.
Yes, soon Daniella would a fine addition to his growing harem.


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