Feeling right

Just cause it was illegal in the US didn’t do much to dampen the appeal of trying gender swapping. There weren’t any good studies about who was more likely to do it. Some theorized it was single people, eager to try the dating game from the other size. Others said it was couples, eager to learn more about how their partners saw the world.

Greg and Terra were one of those couples. Terra’s family was loaded and she was used to getting what she wanted. When her and Greg finished college, she decided she wanted to try being a man. They took the summer off and headed to one of those tiny European countries which only rich people went to and which had liberal laws. They went to a clinic and got transformed right away.

Terra, or Terry as he went by now, loved being a man. Being all big and strong and powerful. Hell, just the sensation of having a boner made him feel like he could conquer the world. Greg was a bit more timid after becoming Grace, and Terry’s realization that he could totally over power her and make her do whatever he wanted was a huge turn on, and led to them losing their virginities within minutes after they got home.

Terry loved sex as a guy, and he loved coercing and teasing Grace into it. He would continually pinch her ass and grab her boobs. Grace would protest if they were in public, but Terry knew she loved it. He loved fucking her, he loved seeing her go down on him, staring up at his as her lips wrapped around his cock. He blew on her face one time and Grace protested, but he knew Grace loved it. He loved seeing his seed all over her skin. That was when he realized he was really thinking like a man.

The next day, he came back from the store to find Grace naked except for a pair of heels, cleaning their luxury apartment. It was things like this which made him know Grace was enjoying herself too. He stripped and she bent over the couch, ass in the air. Her pussy was there, wet and glistening, and he shoved two fingers inside of it, causing Grace to moan.

But his mind was on something else. He stared at her asshole. Not her ass, her asshole. How tight would that be, he wondered suddenly. Her pussy was great, but her asshole… it just looked like it would choke his dick so hard…

He put his dick against her asshole and she gasped, as if about to speak. Before she could say a word he’d plunged into her, causing her to groan and whimper slightly. He groaned back. It was as tight as he’d thought and felt like it would squeeze the life out of him.

He pushed further into her, her mouth open with a silent moan, eyes staring at nothing.

She didn’t protest. He started thrusting back and forth.

When Terry had been a woman, she would never, ever, EVER have allowed a guy to do this to her. Now Terry was loving it. Grace was silent, her expression shifting from wonder to ecstasy to pain and back again.

Terry felt like a man now, enjoying himself, confident he was making Grace enjoy it to.

He grunted and unloaded deep into her ass. He pulled out swiftly and Grace whimpered loudly. Her legs shook and she collapsed to the floor, turning and landing with another whimper on her used ass. She looked up at him, mouth half open, a strange expression on her face.

“I- I really feel like a woman now… Your woman.” She said and crossed her arms over her chest and looked away.

Illegal or not, Terry knew right then there was no way either of them were going back to being Terra and Greg, even if it was illegal to stay this way.

Daddy was rich, and had always wanted a son. Terry wondered who his father would have to bribe to get them out of their legal troubles.


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