Faking It

Each day, the first time she pounds me she asks if I’ve learned my lesson. And I always say no.

But surely she realizes I’m lying. She can’t be oblivious to the fact that I’m cumming multiple times whenever she fucks me. And how can she miss that I’m literally addicted to her cock? It’s not like I try to avoid her, or stop her. The extent of my resistance is my feigned reluctance. I don’t even object any more when she removes our clothes and mounts me whenever – and wherever – the mood takes her.

Sometimes I think she knows this entire thing was a scam. That my chauvinism and insults to her were all part of a careful plan to end up exactly like this. As soon as I talked to a guy who she’d switched with and heard his story, it was my mission to find her and make this happen.

So that’s my dilemma. Do I dare risk this? Do I say yes, and beg her on my knees to keep me as her sex toy forever, just praying that she won’t send me away?

Or do I just keep faking it, and try and stretch this happiness as long as I can?


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