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Role Play

Tonight was once again my turn to be the woman of the house. My wife had demanded that she got to spend more time wearing the pants around the house. We had once again used that role exchanger device to swap roles. I was now in possession of her perky little tits and her cute little body. I didn’t really mind the trade and I secretly hoped that it would become permanent. The more time I spent as my wife, the more comfortable in her skin that I had gotten. If she wanted to spend more time wearing the dick then she was more than welcome to it. I climbed onto the bed as she began to unbutton her shirt. I think she enjoyed wielding my cock between her legs and I enjoyed playing the submissive house wife. I couldn’t wait for her to put that dick inside of me and she always managed to last longer than I ever could have. I adjusted myself and used her voice “Don’t be gentle baby, I have been a bad girl.”

Lost it all

Kaitlin had it all. That was the key word she had it. Kaitlin had a beautiful body, she was the most popular girl in high school, the most popular girl in the sorority in college, she had a rich family, and she was fucking the star running back. Kaitlin had lost all of that, I was now Kaitlin Taylor. I hope that she was enjoying the view as I walked away inside of her body. I turned and waved goodbye to my old body. I hope she enjoys being the unpopular nerd, because I now had everything I wanted.

New Roles

Ashley never would agree to suck my dick. She never liked the idea and said that it was degrading to women. Things had clearly changed though because Ashley was no longer in control of her body. I had swapped bodies with her and I was eager to do things with her body that she would never do. I quickly found myself on my knees and looking up at my old body. I had a view of my cock that I had never seen before. I touched the tip of my tongue to my old cock and looked up at my old face. I wasn’t sure who wanted this more, but as she placed my hand on the back of her head, I was sure that she did not find it degrading for me to suck her dick.

Fair Trade

I started to adjust her bra around my new tits “Look baby, it’s not like that at all. I’m really not trying to screw you over. You said it yourself that in order to make our relationship stronger that we needed to share everything. You are included in everything Sooo I’m going to be you for a while. Look It’s only fair, that body swap spell will make us both understand each other better.” I was trying to soothe Erica’s mind now that I was inside of her body. “I’m not too sure about this,” Erica whined. “Well look baby I have to go to your job so we can talk about this later. Please take off my panties and hand them over.”

Wasn’t in the agreement.

It had taken awhile but I finally had convinced Courtney to try things from the other side. She was hesitant at first but I reassured her that she was lucky to have the opportunity to try things out as a man. After she agreed we both had both drank the potion and the changes had settled onto both of us. I was excited to be in possession of Courtney’s smaller frame. Courtney was seeming to have a harder time adjusting to her new role as Eric. She placed her now male hand on my old cock and slowly began to stroke. “Wow this is really weird, it took me no time to get horny” She said awkwardly. She looked silly as she couldn’t seem to find the right rhythm. “That’s not even close to how you masturbate as a man sweetie” I said laughing. I walked ever and placed my hands on my old body and spun the new Eric around. I reached my hand around his body and wrapped my delicate hand around my old dick. “Here let me show you how it’s done, I have done it enough times” I stroked and Courtney began to moan. I hated to tell her right at this moment but I figured what the hell. “Look Eric, I’m going to call you Eric now. When I used to have this dick I constantly masturbated to you, but not in the way your thinking” I stated. Courtney continued to moan as I stroked her “What do you mean Eric?” she asked. “Well the thing is I didn’t jerk off to you in that way. I jerked off at the idea of being you and now here I am literally with my dick in your hands. I hope you enjoy the feeling of having this between your legs because this is completely permanent. You will never be Courtney ever again. Courtney is my name now. I’m taking over your life and you literally just helped me do it.”


I hope that Kelly doesn’t mind, but while she away visiting Mom I think I will try her husband Corey out. I have always been a little jealous of my sister. When I found that old medallion I couldn’t wait to try it out and she was the perfect target. I really enjoy having her face but my favorite part is having her husband inside of me. I want to ask him who he prefers more, his wife, or his brother in law?

New Job

Man unemployment sucks. I had continually looked for a job and had little luck. I was at my wits end and could no longer afford my bills. I wasn’t going to have lights, food, or water let alone support my public habit of smoking and my private habit of crossdressing. I had thoughts of just ending it all when my buddy Cody invited me out for drinks. I sat quietly listening to Cody drown on and on about his girlfriend. He griped about all the things she did to drive him crazy. He then told me that trough it all that he would probably propose to her. At the end of the night Cody paid for our drinks and I started to walk home alone. A lot of twisted thoughts ran through my head as I walked down an alley. I walked past an old man in a bathrobe chanting nonsense. The more I thought about it Cody had it made. He had a good job, a nice house, and he had Molly. Molly had an even better job than Cody did. I wished I had what Cody had. I heard chanting as my eyesight faded to black. I slowly opened my eyes and felt the familiar straps of a bra on my shoulders. That is odd I thought to myself, I didn’t remember wearing one today. I started to move and felt the sheets against my legs which felt smooth. “What the hell?” I said aloud and I immediately caught myself. That voice isn’t mine, it was Molly’s. “What’s wrong baby?” I heard Cody’s voice beside me. I looked down and realized that not only did I have Molly’s voice, I had Molly’s everything. I looked over and saw Cody’s erect penis. I guessed that Molly was giving him a hand job as they watched a movie. Well I guess I got my wish. I now had what Cody had and I had a better job. Crossdressing was no longer going to be an issue either. I just smiled and continued stroking Cody’s cock.


“I’m not impressed “Robert” you look absolutely terrified.” I was chastising “Robert” for his unimpressive sexual display. “I went to all this trouble to find a girl that was eager to fuck you and you disappoint us like this?” I questioned. “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to having this thing. I just keep cumming before I’m ready too.” He chimed back. I crossed my legs and admired my rack and smiled. “Well I obviously have had no trouble adjusting to your body. You were always so full of yourself. You expected to be catered to by everyone didn’t you Lydia? If you keep practicing I might just let you put that dreadful dick inside me. How does the thought of literally fucking yourself sound? You thought every man wanted to fuck you, you used men as your personal playthings. I guess you didn’t expect to run into the one man that was more interested in being Lydia did you?” I stared on as “Robert” continued to grind into that stupid slut. I was eager to have him inside of me to seal the spell and trap my soul inside Lydia’s gorgeous body. I was also being selfish and did not want him to be as inexperienced as a virgin boy. I wanted my first time having sex as a woman to be special and if I had to be a demanding bitch to get it then so be it.


“I hope you enjoy David doing this to me!” I shouted at Kelsey. Kelsey stood in the doorway playing with herself and moaned “Oh yes, You wanted to be Natalie and I’m really enjoying watching Dave welcome you to womanhood Steve.”

Bad Habits

“I was never interested in smoking until I stole your body. I guess I’m picking up all your bad habits. You are doing things to me with my own dick that I didn’t know was possible.”