Experiments – 1

As John heard the weird noise coming from the phone, he fell.
Suddenly his body began shaking.
His brown short hair started to lose its color and become more and more blond
His facial structures began reconstructing itself, making it more and more feminine.
Finally, he moaned in pleasure as his breasts began to form and his dick turned into a tight pussy.
A sound came out from the phone.
“Your name is Anna from now on. You are the first human to be injected with TP-20.”
“You will do as I say.”
John tried to resist, but another part of his mind was taking over.
His mind became weaker and weaker as Anna was taking over him.
Finally, there was nothing left of John, only Anna was there.
As Anna was exploring her new body, the phone again rang.
“Good girl” the phone said,
“You will now serve me as your master, and infect other people with TP-20.”
“You will always be sexy and will attract other people. Now go and infect those people.”
Anna stood up, and got out of the building.
“Time for some fun!” She said


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