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What my last thought of the day mandates

Although I didn’t think so at first, this has been quite an outstanding year. It all started when my sister Emily asked my parents if she could go on a trip with her boyfriend. “No!” they said, they didn’t want Tom to take advantage of her. Emily cried and locked herself on her room. Later that night, as I went to bed I fell asleep while thinking about that. Read more


I was reading some captions at opentg as usual. When I saw the picture of a young brunette girl. She was topless and only wearing a black skirt. “She’s hot” I thought. She then bent over and revealed her pussy. Read more

A experience of a lifetime

When my girlfriend told me we should experiment, I didn’t know what she was talking about. She waved her hand at me, and in no time I transformed into a petite woman. She kissed me passionately, and we walked straight to the nearest bed or couch we could find. We got undressed, and started making out. The whole feeling was intense, I felt so different so hot. Read more