Ex-best friend

Cassandra (25) rubbed her thigh as she enjoyed the warm after glow of the finger fucking she’d just given herself, she’d looked for some sex toys but couldn’t find any, but it hadn’t matted she’d used her imagination. The thought of Tim (26) pushing his hard cock between her hungry lips, her sucking him to the edge before he flips her over and thrusts his lipstick covered dick into her lube filled asshole was enough to have her spraying girly cum all over the bed.

She turned back to the bed and picked up the shape hugging black dress that Cassandra planed to wear for their two year anniversary, she easily pulled the throng up her toned legs and around her wide hips. She struggled more with the bra but her fumbling hands knew the technic they just weren’t use to the actions yet. Within the hour she’d done her hair, makeup and finished getting dressed she smiled at the real Cassandra tied up on the bed “I think I’ve beaten your record getting ready for a night out by a mile”.

The real Cassandra could only response with an angry grunt through the ball gag she was wearing. The doorbell rang stopping the fake Cassandra saying any more, she grabbed her handbag and rushed out of the room, a minute later the real Cassandra heard the door slam shut. She fought against the ropes that her gay best friend, ex-best friend Rodger (24) had tied her with but in was no use. She’d been completely unable to stop him from over powering her tying her to the bed, dressing up in a bodysuit of her and then masturbating next to her while calling out her boyfriends name.

As she lay there she hoped that Tim wouldn’t be pulled in by Rodger’s lies, that Tim would rescue her from this nightmare but her thought soon turned to panic when the front door opened and a few seconds later Rodger’s lesbian mother appeared in the doorway carrying a boxes of toys. Now she just hoped that Rodger didn’t intend to stay as her forever.


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