Dracula’s New Body

Dracula could not stand running anymore. He had been killed off so many times by the Helsing clan that he was looking for a way to regroup and consider a new plan to destroy the clan. Each time he was put to rest, he would sleep, unable to form a conscious thought. He recalled that during his travels, a witch told him about a particular spell: a blood possession spell. That seemed easy enough for Dracula, but the blood needed to be that of his own clan. That was the only issue: he had no living grandchildren or descendants.
That all changed when he realized that though he did not have any descendants, his brother surely would have. It took several months, but finally he discovered Jessica, the youngest living relative. In order to possess her body till the end of its days, he needed to consume her blood (without puncturing) and recite an incantation to absorb her soul.
Dracula got the blood and said the spell. He felt his soul leave his body and rushed towards Jessica’s sleeping body. As his soul entered, he felt new memories blending in with his. As he awoke, he felt alive for the first time in years. The next morning, as he looked over the sunrise, Dracula started to devise how to end the Helsing clan.


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