Don’t Challenge A Witch

Big, tough, manly men. Strutting around, talking smack, trying to be cool, hitting on every female in th place. You’re oh so easily bruised male egos not able to handle rejection. Any girl who could resist your charms must be a bitch or a dike, Right? When I told you that both of you together couldn’t handle me in bed. You just laughed. When I told you that you would both be my bitches in 10 minutes you got insulted and said prove it! Well I don’t hear any laughing now, tough guys. All I hear is two bitches moaning and squealing as I finger them to another orgasm. Yep, just two little girls begging to be fucked. Well, don’t fret girls, my brothers will be here soon to make real women out of you. They just love fucking horny little girls like you. Especially the one their little sister, the witch, brings home for them.


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